Photo restoration Service, Flushing, Queens NY

We are digital restoration experts, our team of photo restoration specialists in the fine art of photo repair. We restore old and damaged photographs. We repair the rips, creases tears, missing pieces, add or remove people or objects, change background, colorize or combine two or more photos.

We will never touch your original photo, the photo is scanned on a high-resolution, creating the digital image that we will work with. The final print is done with Archival inks which testing has shown will last up to 75 years.

Best of all, we can enlarge or reduce your original and make as many copies as you’d like.

Bring your photographs to Get The Picture for free estimate. Your original photograph never leaves the shop. Often we can even restore your photo the same day!!

Rush service available upon request.

Photographs copied and enlarged even with or without negative.


Visit our store today to see how we can help you with your special project.

Our restoration services include the following:

  • Restore original colors
  • Repair cracks, spots, broken corners, fading bleached and other imperfections
  • Colorize black and white images
  • Change backgrounds
  • Add or remove elements or people
  • Document Restoration
  • Color & Lighting Correction

Restoration of an old: Explore the power of the Refine Edge tool and masking to restore an old duo tone photo all inside Photoshop.

Portrait restoration:

Restore an extremely damaged photo:

Great colorization effect:

Repair old picture to new:

Clearing damaged marks from old photo:

Beautiful colorization of old picture:

Convert an extremely damaged picture:

Hand colorization of an old picture: